Our Process

Our team is experienced in solving problems and we've developed our methods based on industry best practices and our own experience. When you start working with Lemon & Honey we always guarantee that we'll…


Fix what's broken

Before you ever sign a contract with Lemon & Honey you'll receive a list of what we can do for you.

This can range from setting up GMail to defining a paid social strategy to wiring up a marketing-ready website.

If you tell us something needs to be improved then we'll get right to it.



Nothing tells you more about your business than numbers.

When we take on clients the first thing we'll do is look make sure that you've got all of the KPIs you'll need in the systems you need.

They may be spread across a couple of key dashboards such as GA and Marketo but we'll put together an analysis of those numbers for you so we can know what's working and what isn't.



Once we know more about how our changes are performing we'll suggest tweaks, optimizations, and maybe some bigger projects.

That new list will be put into our backlog of work and we'll prioritize our work based on what's most important to you.

You're never bound by a multi-month contract or stuck with a fixed set project, we'll keep delivering as long as you have more work for us.