Starting Your Business Like A Technology Pro

I recently went through the exercise of starting a business (Lemon & Honey) and I had an amazingly smooth experience so I wanted to share some of the technology I used to get online in a few weeks.

Getting a domain

Before you set up email, calendars, websites, or anything else you need a domain. In my case I went with Picking a descriptive name is critical to being referenced and remembered. In my case there weren't many short options but if one comes up later it's pretty easy to add it to website and email services. I used Google domains so all of my billing is centralized but GoDaddy has better prices.

Getting email

Pick your favorite email service like Outlook365 or GMail. If you have different security, storage, or communication needs then these may not be right for you so make sure to flush out what you'll be sending and receiving most regularly. These suites provide more tools like doc sharing, calendars, and much more so I consider them essential.


I highly recommend setting up a website on Squarespace at first. If you need something more complicated than plain content, a few forms, and some basic plugins you may outgrow it but has some great features around e-commerce these days. This is easy to integrate with GoDaddy or Google Domains so with a few clicks in can be hosted correctly.

Social media

Setting up a business account for Facebook and LinkedIn is essential in this day and age. Social media reviews can destroy your business or take you to a cult-like status. I highly recommend having someone take on a social-media role in your company. Allowing you to directly interact with consumers and use these media to create groundswell in your community.

Task management

For task tracking our team uses Asana. This helps us keep track of what's going on in the company, where tasks are, and what we need to do at any give point. I know this seems obvious but task management is a game-changer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 5.13.21 PM.png

Get some help

If you feel like you need some help getting your online presence then reach out and Lemon & Honey can help you get set up quickly and with best practices.