Just a couple of tech nerds who love coffee, dogs, and smoked meats.


Gabe limón (Lemon) — CEO

Gabe is a hobby barista, cyclist, doting dog-dad, hot sauce maker, and developer. He has worked for software companies developing software, implementing deep integrations in systems like Marketo and Salesforce, and leading teams of engineers.

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Kendra Macek (Honey) - Digital Marketing Expert

Kendra is an B2B digital marketing specialist who works with businesses to build marketing strategies, tailor marketing campaigns to drive ROI, and design bespoke reporting.

Kendra has helped marketers of all skill levels navigate digital marketing platforms and deliver quality leads for their growing businesses.

She has worked with 40+ B2B SaaS companies over the years and even built and trained an entire department of Paid Social marketers at her last agency.


Our values

When we decided to found Lemon & Honey we decided to put certain values first. These values matter more to us than any amount of money. These common values are what drew us together and what keep us at our best.




Always be honest, never mislead one another, and listen without judgment.

We're all professionals here and there's no reason to be dishonest.

If something is high-risk, low-payout, or just really expensive we'll let you know and help you make your best decisions.


Do things that make business-sense, not just because they're cool or interesting.

This is what makes us successful and competitive in any situation.




Lemon & Honey is a bunch of really good friends who have developed a deep rapport and we'd like to share that with you.

We always want you to know that we're listening, we care, and mental health always comes first.

People come first, always.

Our Pets



At 11 years old Ollie is an excellent listener and champion of the customer. He believes deeply that no business owner should have to deal with shoddy software-integrations (or squirrels).



This 6-year-old is here to listen and always eager to help keep things on track. He's a little timid so don't make any sudden moves and you'll get along great!