CTO and Digital Advertising Services for Growing Businesses

Our team specializes in full-service IT for growing non-technical businesses and B2B Digital Advertising.


Marketing strategy

Not sure how to best use marketing tools to grow your business? Our team will compose a detailed plan to take you to the next level.


online presence

Websites, emails, calendars, and more. We'll get you set up with all of the online services you need to stay competitive in this digital age.


Tools to take you further

Use the same services as Fortune 500 companies without breaking the bank. As SaaS experts we know all of the best services to keep your business running.

Management and hiring


We're here to help you hire everything from marketers to IT managers to designers and beyond. We have years of experience in the field and we can help you hire the team that works for you.

We have experience hiring and managing professionals for

  • On-premises IT

  • Content writers

  • Organic social marketers

  • Software developers

  • Designers

  • Photographers


Having a powerful and compelling website is no longer an option in today’s business world. It is an absolute requirement to be able to compete. Making sure your image and value propositions are clear and presented in a way that is easily and quickly understood by your clients and prospective clients is paramount. Lemon and Honey are a company who can make the process of creating a web presence easy and extremely effective. Their expertise and approach are unique in the industry today. I would highly recommend you consider using their firm to help take your company into the future.
— Mark Macek, Macek Property Management
Gabe is a great person to work with on a team in a leadership capacity. He knows how to scope down a project and keep a team on task. Brilliant engineer and a great person to work with.
— Aly Payne, Green Bits
Gabriel is an excellent engineer with very flexible technical skills, and a great empathetic form of communication that makes him a joy to collaborate with. Gabe has an excellent work ethic and will rise to any demand that needs to be met.
— Ramiro Franco, Green Bits
Kendra is extremely diligent, fearless, and innovative in her approach to digital marketing. I had the pleasure of working with her for almost three years and when the Demand Generation Department needed someone to step up to lead our social efforts, Kendra was first to the plate. She exceeded expectations, leading our social efforts by building out best practices, experimenting with the latest in social, and serving as an internal and external thought leader for all things social. Her ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines is extremely impressive. She is also a very thoughtful co-worker and always willing to pitch in when needed. I hope to have her on my team again someday!
— Ashley Kennedy, Obility